Marigold flower

marigold-flowers-images-and-wallpapers-3I am fascinated with how many plants nature provides us with to keep a balanced healthy life. The fact that plants have medicinal properties is well known. Medicine used to be plants picked from the nature around us, knowledge handed down from person to person. Nature doesn’t only provide us with a solution to feel healthy on the inside, but also the outside, as these same plants have excellent skincare properties too. I like to know where my skincareproducts come from and what process they have been through. An overwhelming task when choosing a product from a huge shelf, with endless brand names saying choose me choose me! Providing very little information on its origins and ethics. It made me think that it would be nice to have at least a few ingredients, in my skincare, that i had handpicked myself.

I wanted to find a plant to use in my products with good skincare properties obviously , but also one that I know could grow in my backyard. Marigold is a lovely looking orangy yellow flower. It can grow and thrive in the danish summer weather. This in itself, is an accomplishment worth admiration. From extensive research on the world wide web, I have found that the skincare properties of marigold seem endless. Its chemical composition leaves us with a plant, that is high in anti-oxidants protecting our body cells from damage. It has been known to reduce inflammation and treat a variety of skin diseases. It has restorative properties and therefore good for dry and damaged skin. I have seen many claims that it provides the skin with a youthful glow. From my own experience I can only agree. My use of marigold has definitely improved my skin, and that is why I use it in so many of the Jovaa products. I buy organic dried marigold leaves and infuse them in almond oil for a couple of months. I then end up with a lovely marigold oil full of skin beneficial properties, which go into my creams and soaps.

This summer I plan to grow my own little crop, so i can have a small batch of homegrown marigold infused oil. I am curious to see if there is a difference in the effect of the different types of marigold, so i have found seeds from all variations of the calendula officinalis plant. Now I just need the danish summer weather to make its entry, so i can get started.